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Chronicle Films

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Chronicle Films

2-3 Minute Video Letter

A Chronicle film is a 2-3 minute video with a letter from a loved one to a parent, grandchild, unborn child, niece, nephew etc. under a music soundtrack. For example, a Grandfather to his Grandaughter.... saying words of wisdom, advice etc. Throughout the film, you see the grandaughter playing with the Grandfather, sitting on his lap, reading, etc. This is not just a video you would see on your iphone, its a high quality video that looks like a movie trailer. We also did a video for a mom, who at the time was 8.5 months pregnant with her second child, who wrote a beautiful letter to her daughter and filmed her with her son kissing her belly, shots of the nursery, etc. This is new concept but one that we have had great feedback on.  Instead of maternity photos, we are doing maternity films.   Like hand written letters, we are doing video letters.  To be able to see and hear your loved ones on a professional video is a gift that they can pass on from generation to generation.  We are also giving a discount to men and women in the military who will be deployed as well. Please contact us with any questions.










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